Aloha!  I'm Devon Mastrich Steck the lady behind Mastrich Metals Jewelry

I have always been attracted to the creative lifestyle, picking up different art forms and crafts to keep my hands busy.  I was introduced to metalsmithing while attending college at Northern Arizona University and haven't looked back.

I love to make jewelry because it is a fun and exciting process that leads to many avenues of experimentation and takes me down new roads in the field of design.  I'm always striving to grow with my art and push myself in the field of deisgn to have a strong and unique voice.

Since moving to Maui in 2006 after earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts in metalsmithing/jewelry from Northern Arizona University,  I have been designing and making artisan jewelry from my Kahana home studio.

Each piece is entirely made by hand with skills acquired over years of committed practice. I'm so thankful to be able to share my passion of this art form with you all. Not only do my designs enhance the wardrobe, but they are also a small piece of art that will stand the test of time.